Alexandra’s 3 WEEK Intensive Therapy & Birthday


Friends and family, we have some very exciting news!! After our two 1-week intensive therapy programs in 2018, it is a dream come true that Alexandra has now qualified for a full three-week intensive program at the NAPA Center in LA! She will spend a majority of January in LA as she undergoes 4 hours a day/5 days a week/for 3 weeks participating in additional CME therapy, OT, PT, feeding and speech therapy. We know in our hearts she is ready — as her time in November helped jumpstart so many amazing moments for us these past few weeks. She can now sit up unassisted and is so much stronger and more stable when standing and taking assisted steps. These past few months we have really focused on strength training and the key now is repetition. A three-week program has always been a dream goal for us, but getting the stars to align has been another story.

Well, here we are and it is her birthday month too. Our little lady turns 4 on the 23rd, while in LA. As I reflect back on her birthdays my wish for her was always to “walk” in the coming year. My wish this year has not changed, but even standing solo without holding on to or leaning against anything would be a dream come true. Some have asked what she would like for her birthday, honestly, she has all that she needs, except the gift of independent mobility. The repetitive nature of the three-week program is her best shot at this gift, and we are going to do all that we can possibly do to give it to her. So for her birthday this year, we are launching a special fundraiser for those that would like to help contribute to this amazing gift collectively. The program runs $8000 and we have switched insurance providers for 2019 in order to absorb a significant portion of that. Thank goodness!

We hope you all are having a wonderful new year and Alexandra looks forward to showing you some incredible MILESTONES in the coming weeks. Much love to you all today and always.

–Matt, Nicole and Alexandra