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Alexandra and her Pitt “brothers and sisters” around the world need your help. There is no cure for Pitt Hopkins. The effects of this disorder are profound. Her life will always be harder, more challenging and different than that of her “typical” friends. Simple and mundane tasks will test her strength and willpower on a daily basis, and for the rest of her life.

Please join Alexandra’s “Pitt Crew” by making a donation here to the Foundation’s research efforts. Without critical funds to help propel research into the next stages of learning and development, there will be no future success in eradicating this severe and devastating syndrome. 

The button below is a fundraising page just for Alexandra. Any gift made via that form will be pledged in honor of Alexandra — thank you!!


Fundraising Update!

In the months since we went public with Alexandra’s devastating diagnosis of Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, the response from our network of friends and family has been overwhelming — in the best way possible. An amazing $25,000 has been raised to go directly to finding a cure! Thank you! Our hearts are so happy!

Over 225 individuals have joined her Crew, will you join next? Your support gives our baby girl hope and it WILL make a difference. I promise. Thank you so much for heart-warming messages, virtual hugs, in –person hugs and donations…the entire Pitt Hopkins family thanks you.

Your Investment in Research will Make a Difference

We have learned that just four years ago there was no laboratory research. Now, there are researchers, supported by the PHRF, at institutions all over the world including University of North Carolina, the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine and the Tallinn Institute of Technology in Estonia, studying Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Our goal is to find a treatment as quickly as possible that will help give our children higher functioning, fuller lives.

This research is funded by generous support from the community. Please join us, your donation gives us so much more than money, it gives us hope.

Read about this exciting NEW research here (August 30, 2016).

95% of funds raised and donated go to finding a cure!

Community Partners

amazonsmile has a simple way to donate to our research initiatives. Simply click here and choose the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation charity. Nothing will change on your amazon account, super easy! Always remember to go to and NOT 

We are always looking for community support. If you or your organization would like to get involved, please email us here.

One thought on “Donate

  1. Shana & Clint Anderson says:

    To sweet precious little Alexandra and her incredibly brave & strong mommy & daddy, Matt & Nicole. You guys are truly an inspiration to us all. Stay strong & please know that we are praying for you and praying they find a cure soon. Love Clint, Shana & Brendan Anderson


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