Giving Tuesday & a $5000 Challenge

Thanksgiving was fun but this feels like Christmas morning! An anonymous donor has offered the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation a $5,000 matching gift in celebration of #GivingTuesday! If you are thinking about joining Alexandra’s Pitt Crew, now is your chance. EVERY DOLLAR IS DOUBLED until Tuesday, November 29th! Donate $10 and $20 goes to research, donate $25 and $50 goes to research, donate $100 and $200 goes to research… just like a Christmas Miracle!

With nearly 1,525,000 charitable organizations in the United States, we know you are frequently asked to give charitably. But, I promise you, there is no better a gift this season than a gift to help find a cure for Alexandra and her Pitt Hopkins brothers and sisters. Your donation goes directly to fund incredible, mind-blowing research happening right now!

pittkiddos2I met many of the amazing researchers and scientists while we were in Texas a few weeks ago….I can promise you with full certainty that this money is critical to allow them the opportunity to continue to make breakthroughs in their search for a cure. I will post about our Texas trip in another blog soon, but I will tell you that the very same researchers that are publishing new findings on Pitt Hopkins, got to see Alexandra’s sweet face in person..they saw her spirit and her courage. They told me that seeing our Pitt kiddos fuels their fire to get back in the lab and keep working. [cue happy tears]

So….today and on #GivingTuesday (Nov. 29th) and all of the days that follow, I ask that you believe in this important work. For one day we WILL FIND A CURE and it will be because of your help in getting us there.

Please consider donating on Alexandra’s behalf by listing “Alexandra Anderson” in the field titled “In honor or memory of.”

Thank you for believing in a cure! Don’t forget, all donations are tax deductible too!



As of 11/26 $850 of $5,000 has been raised.

Need More Reasons to Give?

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof wrote in an op-ed several years ago about why giving is the nicest thing we can do for ourselves. Givers are happier than non-givers. And happy people can help spread good giving news.

People who give money to charity are 43 percent more likely than nongivers
to say they are “very happy” about their lives.


Sources: Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey and National Philanthropic Trust.

Don’t Forget About Shopping on Amazon

Cyber Monday is also right around the corner, if you plan to buy anything on you can help to #FundPittHopkins by supporting the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation when you shop! Get started here: Thank you and may your holidays be warm and bright! AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% from your eligible purchases.

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