Beans, beans and more beans!

This week we enjoyed some new sensory play with beans…and Alexandra LOVED it!

Most toys that she is attracted to light up, play music or say exciting things — it makes total sense for her to enjoy play-time with these types of toys. However, in an effort to get her exploring new textures, colors and sounds, beans were the perfect solution.

In our home, beans were most often consumed in the refried varietal, but now we are enjoying them raw and uncooked, lol!

Beans are helping Alexandra with her:

  • Fine Motor Development;
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control;
  • Cause and Effect;
  • Concentration; and
  • Spatial awareness…

All of which are super critical to her development, who knew beans could be so much fun! Take a look at her enjoying the beans for the first time.

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