Steps Start Somewhere

Last night while Matt was away playing hockey, my babe and I attempted to take some steps together. We have a KidWalk on loan and we have been putting her in this “stander,” for a few days now.

This time I decided to put her in it and NOT help move her feet step-by-step like we normally do. Instead I asked her to do it herself. The video is nearly 5 mins long, but I don’t want to cut any of this special moment out. I want to remember tonight for years to come. When we can think back and say “look how far she’s come.”

One thought on “Steps Start Somewhere

  1. Tonia says:

    This is amazing tears of joy I feel as if those whimpers will soon be words she has come so far!!! Xoxo you are all so dedicated and loving I feel the determination more now than ever keep up the good hard work baby girl and momma and daddy! And everyone else in the Pitt family you are all so loved ❤️!


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