Dirty Feet

One thing that I am sure most Moms and Dads don’t think about is how amazing it is to have a child that purposefully gets dirty feet. I know, right? Such a silly thing. But to a Mom and Dad of a non-mobile toddler, it is everything.

A few months ago, I remember observing a friend’s toddler during a play date. Her child was significantly younger than Alexandra but wow, look at those beautiful DIRTY FEET! I was in awe of them. The bottoms blackened from running around, darkened from being able to propel her little body — without hesitation — to go get her favorite toy from across the room, or even to retrieve it from across the house. Amazing!

I couldn’t stop looking. They were the most perfect dirty feet I had ever seen. Yet, the reality of what I was observing was a painstaking shock to my gut… a shock and realization that we have yet to have had to clean Alexandra’s feet in this way. Hers were always so clean, so pure, so kissable…ALWAYS. Something I guess I had always taken for granted. Ha!

dirtyfeetinsetBut then after 21 months, today was the day! Our little angel had dirty feet. FOR THE FIRST TIME! She has been working hard in her walker, on a daily basis, to strengthen her legs and hips and to train her brain to tell her muscles what they are meant to do.

It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. Her precious feet, darkened from whatever seems to be living on our new house tile. Eek, guess it is time to steam clean!

A problem I am so grateful to now have to do… cheers friends, today was a good day.


#CareAboutRare and help us find a cure to Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.

Please consider joining Alexandra’s Pitt Crew at https://alexandraspittcrew.org/pittcrew/

Learn her story here: https://youtu.be/P-JxvVd0R5g

One thought on “Dirty Feet

  1. Tonia says:

    No tears this time just a huge smile from ear to ear and a longing to kiss the top *wink wink of those darling dirty feet! So happy for you three to have this experience that most all of the world takes for granted. Love you all!! Xoxo

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