Turning 3 with Peppa Pig and Friends

Last week we celebrated Alexandra’s 3rd birthday with a home full of friends and family. (Photos below)… It was a day filled with special moments and lots of laughs and smiles. Even though I had dreamed that she would be walking by this date, I am okay with the fact that she is making PROGRESS. Even one year ago she was no where near where she is today. She has learned to use her safety reflexes, she is learning her PODD communication system and starting to find her voice, she received a Tobii Dynavox speech generating device with eye gaze and has taken to it so well. She is starting to eat more solid foods and has been able to chew and swallow meat…this skill has taken a long time to learn. She is also so CLOSE to mastering the pincer grasp and that will be huge when picking up food. She can clap, high five and shake your hand like the polite little human that she is. She can take assisted steps and can stand on request from a sitting position, wow! She is continuing to strengthen her arms and shoulders and can stay in a four-point position longer than ever before. She has continued to develop her sensory processing skills and is doing great with loud noises, lights, movement and textures. In fact, she loves most textures…from slimy, to squishy, to soft, to bumpy, to hard and more! Her favorite is the “lotion” sensation…as she will never shy away from a good leg/foot massage or “yogurt hands!”

Below are some pics of her beautiful day… all Peppa Pig themed. Peppa Pig was the first cartoon she really took to…now she adores her. Alexandra will hear the opening music and whip her head around so fast to check out the television. She laughs at appropriate times while watching and she has even memorized some episodes and will start humming along to her favorite songs the characters sing, right on cue. IT IS INCREDIBLE. Needless to say, we think she enjoyed her party and celebrating with some of her friends. A highlight of her birthday party was when she was able to participate with her friends in the “pin the hat on Peppa” game. With assisted steps she made her way to the wall to pin the hat on! Check out the video below.

On Facebook I posted:

To my Alexandra, three years ago, you…our little shining star were brought into the world…a happy and healthy 7 lbs. 15 oz bundle of joy. Being your “mama” has taught me so much in these three short years. I have learned to never take one thing for granted, even the smallest little thing. I have learned patience and acceptance of things we cannot control. I have become stronger and weaker all in the same breath. I am strong for you, yet I fall to moments of weakness when I see others do the unimaginable, walk and talk. You have taught me lessons I never knew I needed to learn. I am grateful for the joy and clarity that you have brought our family. We know what matters most in this world and what doesn’t anymore. Your little “voice” causes us all to take notice and long for the days when we get to hear it again. Your strength is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before as you must spend your days observing the world swirl around you. Thank you for allowing us and trusting in us to be your arms and legs and your voice until you find your own. We will continue to move mountains for you so that you can stand tall on top of them. Thank you, sweet darling, for all the ways you have made our family stronger and love deeper. Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl! WE LOVE YOU!

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